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What is the best potion to mellow out a female bosshole.

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I guess it depends on what you're going for. If you want to mellow her, those are great. If you want to put her in check, I strongly suggest Leather or Swimming with the Sharks. Someone also suggested Dominance to me in another thread.


ETA: I just reread the title and saw it was a bosshole. I still stand by Leather (I Leathered my boss last week), but i would temper the air this creates with your manner so you don't come off too bitchy or insubordinate.

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I've had good results on my last boss (Indian woman) with SWS, Teddy BB, & B2. G2 wasn't really effective either way with her, it actually seemed to make her more comfortable being a horrible boss to me :-/

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TH works well on the crabby ones!

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