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New Releases for SPRING 2012

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The Spring 2012 Collection


Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie meets..... Bohemian Cats!!!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!!


For those of you not familiar with the world wide phenomenon that is Bohemian Cats...have you been living under a rock? LOL! Well, I was, until our favorite Miss Kitteh, Katz, introduced us to the stunningly beautiful work of Baba Studio on this here forum. One look and I was in looooove! Thus, this collection is dedicated to Katz. Thank you most hugely, Darling. You will be receiving a full bottle set as a gift of thanks. :)


Karen and Alex of Baba Studio have been a DREAM to work with. We have been discussing this little alliance for almost 6 months, and we are all very excited about it. To check out more of their work, visit their website: www.BohemianCats.com


We've gone all-out with this 20 Fragrance collection. The labels, the bottles, the ingredients, even the pouches, everything is special and of supreme quality and will stun you when you get these gems into your hands. Seven of the perfumes are phero enhanced, and one includes a brand new phero blend I will describe below along with the label.


We composed this set with the optimism that it will broaden our audience and theirs, so we have crafted this collection showing off what we do best....thus you might recognize some old favorites in here! (A few have been renamed to go along with the theme. I'm not going to tell you which just yet, have some fun guessing!)


We also commissioned special wooden 20-bottle racks just for this collection, the kind with the staggered holes so you can see all of the beautiful labels at once, so those of you who choose to go wild and order the full bottle set of 20, will not only get a 25% discount, but also a free bottle rack (a $30 value). Doing the math for you... if purchased separately, the total would be $564, but the set will be offered at $400.


These will NOT be up and orderable until TUESDAY MARCH 13th, (and that might be optimistic, it might take me til Wednesday.) PLEASE do not try to order anything until then, k? I will be programming as fast as I can. Tank ewe!


And now...on with the show.... :D

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The Perfumed Whisker



Velvet & Steel



Sogni Incantati



The Sand Box



Love Potion: Red Lace

Pheromone Enhanced w/ Lace + Copulins



Pouncing Potion

Pheromone Enhanced w/ EoW Copulins



Lap of Luxury

Pheromone Enhanced w/ Swimming with Sharks

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A Lick of Cream



Kitten Nip

Pheromone Enhanced w/ Mother's Little Helper



Tails of Mystery



Kitten Heels



A Touch of Cerise



Cry Havoc!



Darling Catalina

Pheromone Enhanced w/ Popularity Potion

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Heart's Ease

Pheromone Enhanced w/ Balm Bomb



Goddess of the Blue Moon

Pheromone Enhanced w/ La Femme Mystere


~~~~Something for each Season~~~~



Spring Fever



Nectar de l'Amour



Heart Strings



Enchanted Wonderland

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New Phero Blend!



Balm Bomb

Feeling crabby? Feeling Blue? Need a quick mood reversal? This one's for you!


Artwork by Albrecht Durer 1521 ~ "The Weeping Cherub"


Ingredients: Androstadienone, Alpha-Androstenol, DHEAS, Epiandrosterone, Beta-THDOC, Estratetraenol.


Note: I'm discontinuing Tranquility Potion and replacing it with Balm Bomb. I feel this recipe fills the needs of our demographic a little better than Tranquility Potion. It's heavy on the first ingredient, and verrry light on the last. I brewed this with Chris's able assistance. :)





Love Potion #9


And I want to show off the new label for Love Potion #9, created by our own Invidiana!!!! Didn't she do an amazing job??!!! :D

We haven't changed the formula in any way, but we are out of the "clockwatch" style bottles and will not be ordering more of those, so future bottles of LP9 will be offered in our usual roll-on or 1oz spray bottles, and needed new artwork to fit these formats.

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Meowowow! So many gorgeous new choices!


The kitty on "Velvet & Steel" reminds me of Milla Jovovich's character in the recent version of the 3 Musketeers. I think she even wore a similar yellow gown!


A sad farewell to Tranquility Potion.

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A Lick of Cream & A Touch of Cerise are calling to me! That's just for starters...

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I...I...... I cannot FIND the words! This is so amazing, that 2 such creative groups -two of my most favorite creative groups GOTTED TOGETHER!! I'm seriously just sitting here agog...


...and tears down my face seeing sweet Catalina's scent! <<HUGS YOU!!!>>


Amazing! Fantastical! UNREAL!!!


*katz sits down to lap a glass of wine*

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Oh GODS what a great set!!! Un-be-fucking-lievable. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Fantastic label, Invi! And I want Balm Bomb.


:burning-heart: Oh such GREAT WORK, EVERYONE!!! :burning-heart:

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No, Red Lace really is LP RED + Lace & Cops.


LP Red is our single most popular blend ever, so wanted to do a phero enhanced Ltd Ed on that one. :)


Some good guessing so far tho!




OMG!! I was just thinking on Wed? ooh LP RED Needs a PHERO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wore it and fell in love with myself!!!

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i so want!!! I wish there was a way to split the order in 2. I want it all but just cant to 400 in a single pop....sigh. oh well at least i will get a sampler. then i get to try everything! mwha ha ha

Edited by ravenwing
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I've been enjoying this beautiful artwork for some weeks now, 'tis most spiffy! And that's a great steampunk label Invi!


Yooooooooostinkerz!! <<<HUGS>>>


ok, more wine!

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HOW PERFECT is LP Red with Lace and Cops!?


Oh hell yeah :lol:


I cannot begin to express how much I am enjoying looking at these labels ...and the anticipation of Luna's descriptions to come caliiswoons

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i so want!!! I wish there was a way to split the order in 2. I want it all but just cant to 400 in a single pop....sigh. oh well at least i will get a sampler. then i get to try everything! mwha ha ha


It's such a great deal, I wish I had it to spend! I love those display racks. I moved almost two years ago and most of my 'fume collection is still in boxes. How much is the trial size bundle going to be?

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You peeps never cease to amaze me! Congrats to you Katz, and great work on that label Invi! So sad I won't be able to snatch up a whole set, but I may have to at least snag a few!

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OMG... Sogni Incantati :w00t: !!!

aww ...Darling Catalina, very nice tribute


This release HAS TO BE one of the BEST if not THE BEST !!

and I have the Tails of Mystery bag

and KUDOS to Katz for the inspiration behinds these AMAZING releases :)


I gotta take out my deck and look at them!

Beautifully Done Guys :rockon:


sadly I'll have to enjoy the sampler size of these :(


eta: oops....Invi , new label looks FABULOUS !!

such talent here :drinking-red-wine:

a little of the vino and listening to EOSP tune..heh

Edited by liz
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So excited about this new set! What a wonderful idea! And how beautiful are the labels? I can't wait to read the descriptions, either. And I'm so pumped that I may get to test some old favourites. Great work everyone!

And lovely label Invidiana! Makes me want to buy LP #9!

Congratulations to you too, Katz! What a generous, sweet gift! :D


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OMG I squeed out loud to see my label up!!! Thank you Mara for giving me this awesome opportunity, thank you fellow forumites for the compliments and I immensely enjoyed doing it! :LuvU396:

A Lick of Cream and LP Red Lace sound like definite yesses...and I can't wait to see the notes on the rest of them!

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AD-Wonderland_LG_LovePotion_BohemianCats.jpgI knew I recognized this label it's Sagittarius, from the Zodiac Cats


thumbnail_Sagittarius-white-brocade350.jpg this the bag I ordered last week

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