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Heart Strings


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After wearing Unreasonable Pumpkin yesterday, there was something about this one that was very perfume like to me. I'm going to hazard a guess that it's the ginger! Ginger, I'm learning, to me is a very forward scent with my chemistry. NOW I need to figure out what "perfume" means to me when I say something smells "perfume like." I think the ginger is a clean, bright scent that shines out from all the other foodie notes and keeps this from being too edible tasting. With UP, I wanted to gnaw my arm it smelled so delicious. With HS, I like it, can pick out the food notes in it but I don't want to lick my arm. So maybe it's that clean, bright "something" that my brain says - "Oh, yeah, perfumey!" ?


I amped the cinnamon on and off...I always seem to with cinnamon...but this one seems like a warm, semi-sweet scent. The ginger eases up and it becomes a sugary, slightly nutty, creamy soft, close to the skin straight up YUM. Not to shabby for purchasing the bottle unsniffed :girlHeart-5:

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This is one of my current favorites, I may just have to break down and buy a full bottle. Wet it smells VERY spicy and I don't like it so much, but once it dries it becomes this wonderful, warm, creamy, autumn-ish cakey smell. Actually, on me it smells almost the same as Spiced Cider Pudding (I hope I've got that name right, it looks right and wrong at the same time somehow!) when it's dry, which I LOVE and have been fighting the urge to buy full bottle. Has anyone else noticed how similar these are? However, this one gets bonus points because Heart Strings seems to LAST so much longer than SCP! I absolutely love this one - right now I'm waiting for my October samples to come in just to make sure I don't like any of them better, but I can't see myself having the willpower to resist a fb of this one much longer.

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This scent s so delicious! It's perfect for fall- and reminds me of pumpkin-gingerbread. It's aged very well and isn't as much like Buns of Cinn like I originally noted. I get much much more pumpkin now. I tend to amp spice so the pumpkin can easily be overwhelmed on my skin. God I love smelling like baked goodies! This one is great!

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