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When do you think my pheromones will arrive? (Norway)

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Hey, I'm new to this and to pheromones and I ordered like 12 different pheromones at the same time lol, cause I'm a desperate single with

a tad of patheticness 29 year old...


Anyway, I ordered them on Saturday March 31, and I was wondering, if you had to take a guess, when would you bet my mones would arrive in Norway? Considering easter is up and everything..


I want them soo baaad!!!



Thank you! :)

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Hi Darwinia! WELCOME! :D

Not sure which Norwegian order you are - we had two people from Norway order on the 31st. One of them was shipped out yesterday, and the other is shipping out today. When int'l orders ship, customers get a customs form # emailed via PayPal, so they know the package has been shipped.


Packages leave the USA from 1-3 days after we drop them at the post office, then it's up to the buyer's home country. The package has to get through customs, and then is released into the local postal system. We have no way of predicting how long that will take once it's in another country. Customs is unpredictable in every country. Sometimes a package is waved through right away, and other times it's held for weeks. Here's hoping you will get yours quickly!

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Pheromones can never arrive soon enough in my experience.

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