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Okay, I'm hooked! Oils vs Sprays?

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That's what I was thinking, too. If it was just the one girl commenting that her tips were so good that night, I might be tempted to think it was something other than OW in all her clients faces. But about a week after that there was a similar situation with one of the other servers who also commented that she'd gotten huge tips that night. I'd been waltzing around in her section, working as the Maitre D. That got me thinking that maybe it *was* the OW. If I could spread it around for all the servers, that would be awesome.

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One of my best application 'tricks' has been to use my pheros on my forearms, just below my elbows when I'm working, because it's the part of me that is closest to my customers no matter what I'm doing. (Well, that,and that I wash my hands so often at work that I don't want to wash the pheros off if I apply them too close to my hands). It works incredibly well for that purpose.


I'm actually considering getting an Open Windows spray for work. I wear Stealing Heaven for almost every shift because when I wear it I have a very noticeable hike in my gratuities. But one day I spent quite a bit of time in one of the other server's sections, helping, because she was falling behind, she commented that for whatever reason her tips were through the roof like she hadn't seen before. It could have been any number of things - her customers really liked her, maybe they could see she was having a bad night & left 'pity' tips, (that happens sometimes, lol), maybe she did a much better job than she thought, or maybe it was that I was in there, wafting my Open Windows around? I keep wondering if I get a spray for the wider diffusion, would it help more than just my own tips? I might try it, 'cause that would be really, really awesome.


I have only one spray with cops in it - Sexology - and I plan to only wear it at home. Haha! That's what I'm planning. Whether it works out that way is another story... And Dolly, I would definitely read your book! ;)



LOL.....thanks hun! I have had some crazy times with pheros, for sure!


If you get an OW spray, it may help more servers than just you......sprays do diffuse well.....

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Recently I've found myself reaching for sprays more than oils because it's so cold here that I really have nothing but my face and fingertips exposed, so the oil just doesn't get through all the layers of clothing. Plus I've found that I get less skin reactions/rashes if I spray something in the air and let it fall over me and my clothes evenly than I do rubbing oil in. I'm slowly converting a lot of my oils into sprays, and starting to order more things as sprays as long as they are not cops heavy.

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