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Has it lost it's mojo?

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Good evening,


I'm looking for some advice and feedback.


Had a bunch of stuff from The Other Place and shelved it one day several years ago. Never looked at it again.


Until last year and I moved and found my box and had a chuckle over the memories. Played a bit again.


Another year goes by. The box has moved from the closet to the bathroom cupboard and from the bathroom cupboard to the sink hutch. I keep eyeing it. Okay, I started using them again. (I feel a bit like I've fallen off the wagon admitting that.)


The problem is, nothing is seeming to "work" anymore. One of the main "mixes" I have been trying to wear (and tweak) has been a mix of Anol, Cops, and a bit of EST, just to try and ease back in slowly.


Nada. Nothing out of the ordinary for me. I've tweaked higher, tweaked lower. Nothing. Nothing that wouldn't have happened anyway if I was just naked.


When I wear cops on their own - success!


Mixing with any of the stuff in my stash - nada.


Truth be told, I only have ONE phero from here - Sparkle Fuscia w/ Cougar - and it works well, especially if I add some cops on me. The smell is absolutely phenom as well. I just placed an order and have several on their way - La Femme Mystere, Sexscapde, BI, and Heart & Soul. This is where I will be purchasing from now on.


So. Question time.


Because it's been so long, have the bottles I have "gone bad?" Worn off? Weren't all that awesome or wonderful to begin with? Should I just ignore them and wait for the real stuff to arrive? Am I "doing it wrong?"


Any advice for trying to get back in the groove?


Thank you! :)

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It is my understanding that pheromones are pretty stable and should last years if stored away from heat and sunlight. So if they worked before, "going bad" doesn't seem very likely.


Just throwin' this out there though, the other place has had some quality control issues if you ask me. Do you remember the same exact vials working well (that you still have), or do you remember earlier batches of the same same mix worked well, then you bought new ones and then stashed those away, and now they don't work?

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Nope. This was a large purchase that I actually never broke in before I quit cold turkey several years ago. So, rather unhelpfully, I have no idea if this stuff worked before or not.


However, I have tried Anol on me with cops before, and I've never actually had a successful reaction from the mix. Successful meaning anything out of the ordinary from what is "normal" for me to get in public and from strangers.


So, putting aside the QC issues (which could very well be something), what else could be up with the dud of anol and cops on me? As far as "doses" are concerned, I'm using my standard social level of cops (known quantity for me) and I've tried anywhere from 20 - 70 mcg of Anol. Nothing. :(


I purchased a sample vial of the same anol/cops/est mix from here, so I'm hoping that testing LP's phero mix will be better than my own fumbling attempts. (I have learned I am NOT a successful mixer. At All.)


Thank you for responding!! :)

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