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Celrynnya's Kirsebærsuppe

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That means Cherry Soup! Yum!

A sweet Danish soup made from bright red, sweet cherries, tarted up with lemon, and lusciously spiced with cinnamon. Just like my mother used to make!


This doesn't smell like traditional kirsebærsuppe, but it's still lovely :) It actually ends up being a very almond-lemon-spiced cake smell on my skin, which I adore. As it settles, the lemon becomes less prominant and it is becoming a delicious tart-almond scent with a subtle cinnamon back. It's very, very pretty!

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Ooooh, I nearly didn't find this thread as my sniffee of this is simply labelled "Cellrynnya's Cherry Soup"! (BTW is that spelling correct? Two L's in your name? I see there is only one there but my sniffee has two so...


This starts out such fresh and bright sparkly lemony cherry. Then it suddenly throws a punch as that strong, deep cherry flavour takes centrestage. It is definitely a very serious cherry smell, less sweet and more tart than A Touch of Cerise. I think I prefer ATOC a little more but this is still a lovely addition to the cherry family!

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I had a little sniffee of this and initially the cherry is bright and sugary, like in a cherry tart.

Then something weird happens-- I smell the lemon, but there's also like a dominant baking flour

smell to it. I don't know but this one makes my head hurt a bit and my throat

go a little scratchy even with the smallest dab on. :( bummer. I've been looking for some

good cherry smells.

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