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OCCO: Ambrosia w/ EOW cops

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I thought about pairing it with LAM, but don't want to do cops overload. I haven't found my sweetspot with LACE yet, can't seem to feel selfies but have noticed some hits for sure with it.


Thinking about what to wear tonight, and now is on my list to choose- bc omg... so good.

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Guest cutie.pie

I don't have much experience with OCCOs and cops so I need an advice... How much OCCOs/cops do you apply and where? (Trying to get DIHL ;))

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For myself it all depends on what I want.



Start out with a line from your cleveage downward looped around your belly button. Like an upside down cane. On your belly smooth around a bit with your forearms. then let it dry down. I wash my hands before dressing. I do that because I inevitably will end up walking around like some sort of ex rated "Pigpen with Occo on my face or clothes if I don't.

If I'm wearing a dress another spot I do is behind the knees, just a dab.

Sometimes I go light. Just a dab in the cleveage and one split between the "wrists". Not really on my wrists more like a couple of inches up from there. I've found both applications effective.

Just try it out like pheros, note what you use to find your sweet spot. IMO you probably need less than you think you do.

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