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Caramel Cupcake Superfine Butter Scrub

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Caramel Cupcake Superfine Butter Scrub

* Only highest grade bakery flavorings were used in this mix - most all natural or organic. Including Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste (see the little dots of vanilla bean in the picture?), 2-fold Vanilla Extract, Clear Vanilla Extract, Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Sweet Dough Bakery Emulsion, Butter Extract, Caramel flavoring.

* Crafted with pastry-grade Ultrafine Pure Cane Sugar.

* All natural base of soy butter and moisturizing oils (apricot kernel, grapeseed, avocado, sunflower).


I swear this scrub is an instant wrinkle smoother! I noticed a huge difference in ''parentheses'' lines around my mouth, this is amazing! The moisturizing butters in this scrub feel like a moisturizing serum, they’re very rich and if you have very oily skin you might find it too greasy for you, but I have combination skin and this works just fine for me.


I love how gentle and soft the superfine sugar feels on my skin…You can feel the soft sandy texture of the superfine sugar, very spa-like…I’ve had expensive department store face scrubs and Mara’s CC scrub beats them all for quality and price…


If you liked Darling Clementine scrub, you'll love this one!


Scent wise this yummy scrubby is all eggnogy and caramelly! It kind of reminds me of Compromising Positions, YUM! I did taste it, and it is buttery and fluffy vanilla-y! A totally edible gourmand scrub, but like Mara says you probably shouldn’t eat it…

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I've been using this and it is so moisturizing! What I love is that it makes my skin feel creamy and not dry which is what bath gels do to me.

It smells heavenly and yes a tiny bit did make its way into my mouth..only a little bit. I've been using it on my face as well and I love how fresh and new my face looks.

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