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Hi everyone! I just received my first LPMP order and BOY am I in love. I received the June monthly trial size collection, so far my favorite is Night of Delight, holy bananas!!


I'm a complete newbie to pheros etc. and have a lot to learn, but I've been reading on the forum and look forward to learning more. I'm very excited to be a part of this community, so thank you :)

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Welcome, loquacious! You picked a great month to get the sampler!


I think when I first started, it took me what seemed like forever to get the lingo and abbreviations down, lol... My only suggestion is just to read as much as possible - there's so much knowledge here!

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Welcome, Loquacious! Glad you are enjoying some naughty bananas! I luv'em too! :banana026: There are other banana scents in LP, haven't tried them, but now that I fell for Night of Delight I definitely want to sample the others...


What other scents have you liked? So far, how are pheros working out for you?

Do tell us everything!

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome :love: Yes the abbreviations are definitely something I need to learn (like LAM? What is that?? hahhahaha). As it comes to no surprise, I made my second order this morning with some other samples:


Love Potion

The Shark Whisperer

Cuddle Bunny


Raspberry Chiffon

Breathe Into Me

Glass Slipper


I am really really hoping to get these as quick as my first order - if I do then I'd get them by the weekend and that's when I get to see my fiance since he works nights.... I can't wait to get these goodies!!!

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LAM = Like A Magnet ,an awesome blend of alpha-androstenol <a-nol> and copulins <in the form of LP's exclusive Stone Labs oil blend of Essence of Woman or EOW > :D

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Great samples, Loquacious!


Raspberry Chiffon is gorgeous and Sexology is pretty effective...Maybe you'll get them by Friday or early Saturday, hope you get them soon! If you do, please report back on your first impressions scent and phero-wise....


There are lots of abbreviations, you'll learn them in no time, and you'll come up with your own, hehe....


But a year ago I constantly scratched my head trying to figure out what does OD mean?? OD : Overdose and ODing: Overdosing...And DIHL: Deer In The Headlights...OmG! That one was hard to figure out and I was too shy to ask until someone else did and even when I read it I was like..what is that? What does it mean? We don't use that expression in Spanish, so I had to google it, hehe...So I finally found out about the frozen expression men have contemplating you, they look like they are stunned by you...and how deer look like that too when they are caught on the road by a car...


There are more, but these two were hard for me to figure out, the rest are mostly abbreviations for names of specific potions....


OCCO: Overt Cops for your Overt Ops (frags that are Copulin heavy)

BAM: Bewitch! Attract! Mesmerize! (Beta-Androstenol and Cops)

LFM: La Femme Mystere

TMI: Too Much Information

SS4W: Super Sexy for Women

MLH: Mother's Little Helper


There are more, but these are the ones that came to my mind right now...oh and BANG! is not abbreviated, this phero blend name is just BANG!

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