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heart & soul vs. heart to heart

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Hi ladies



I cannot stop reading all the reviews, I cannot wait to make an order now. As some of you might still remember that I am thinking of spoiling myself since it is my birthday week. :Emoticons0424:


My feeling is that I like the sound of both heart & soul and heart to heart. They sound quite similar, I want one will do the job for both social and personal settings. So any advice? Pls give some of ur recent personal stories to help me to decide. :Emoticons0086:



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The intent of the blends is wildly different.


Empathy Potion (the one you're calling Heart to Heart) is a blend that I would reserve for special circumstances when you need to pry an honest emotional response out of someone. It's a very emotional blend, and has a tendency to bring people to tears...in a good way. It seems to make people very in touch with their feelings and stimulates empathy towards others. I would wear it as "problem solver", but it's not something that I personally would wear on a daily basis, (unless I was a therapist using it to help my clients). I can imagine that wearing it regularly would leave you emotionally exhausted from all the open heart surgery. :lol:


Heart & Soul is a relationship blend that can also be used as a social. This one is very popular with ladies who wear it to enhance their relationships both at home and at work. It seems to make the wearer come off as feminine, lovable and someone deserving of devotion and respect.


Hope that helps!

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hi Mara,


I have just made a big order... I chosen heart & soul I think, but I am definitely up to try the H2H later once I become more experienced with using mones.


I have also messaged you for some matter regarding my order, looking forward to your reply.



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Hi fishpie,


The place for active forum members to redeem their rewards is on this page:



The option you were looking for is the third/last one on this page.


Since you couldn't find it on this occasion, we will use your email as our guide, but now you know where to find it for next time. :) Thanks for your order!

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