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I made my order!! finally


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Hi Mara


I have made my order and its like 6 full sized and 4 sample sized bottle, you think the UK customer will be ok?? I dont want to be charged with a huge fee....


And I guess it takes two weeks to arrive approximately ... am I right??


Thank you so much!!



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Domestic turn around time is 2 weeks from date of purchase until delivery at one's door, many times it's faster (unless someone orders a PE). For international orders, we have no way of determining how long a package will take to get through customs or their local postal system. I can tell you that we usually ship within one week of ordering, but the transit times vary wildly. Perhaps others from your country can chime in and let you know how long it usually takes to get a delivery over there? If you desire faster delivery, you can purchase International Priority or International Express on our Postal page here:



As far as customs, we've been coached by a postal inspector who was assigned to us to streamline our deliveries, to fill in the forms in their preferred way so to avoid questions or red flags from customs agents, so it's extremely rare that our packages are additionally taxed or opened. They've been known to be held for no apparent reason, but usually they make it through without any issues. (knock on wood!)

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