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Eye of the Storm


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I know this one has been covered in the Women's Review section but thought I would add something here in case a guy looked here as this is advertised as a uni-sex scent.


I have tried this for several days now as I usually do before posting a review.


I get a strong "green" scent through-out. The scent reminds me of evergreens although I do not think that is the basis for for the cologne/perfume.

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Tumultuous. That is the best way I can describe this scent. All the notes hit me all at once in an all out assault of your olfactory sense. Eye of the storm is definitely the appropriate name for this one.


It is very fresh, green and wet as a storm would be I guess.


I think it's a bit too sharp and attention grabbing for work, and not warm or sensual enough for night time.


Anyone have any good ideas as for what would be an ideal setting to wear this one?

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