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I have been giving my PE some love recently and realised I NEVER REVIEWED IT. DUH.


This was my first ever PE and I would say my favourite.


I asked for linen, orchid, vanilla. I wanted something cleanish without being soapy, something lovely, but fairly unobtrusive, but something that would stay on someone's mind subconsciously, like they realise one day, ohhhh you always smell so good, almost like it's just your natural scent and not a perfume.


It's not at all sharp, it's round and creamy, it's a pink smell but not in a candy/strawberry sugary way, it's more pink like a blush of a cheek on someone with creamy pale skin. I think the three ingredients blend seamlessly in this, it's beautiful.


I'm toying with asking Mara if she can make more of this. I have one bottle and one with Heart and Soul boost. I'm really loving this today, although I think I od'd on the phero. Oops.

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