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an alternative to cuddlebunny...?

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My SO has been really stressed at work lately and usually I pherobomb him with CB when he is out of sorts and this takes his edge off but I feel like that is wearing thin or he has become 'resistant' to it.


I've tried heart and soul and true confessions but neither seemed to really affect him. He is odd that way, in that some pheros seem to work better on him than others. He used to be very sensitive to CB- hence EST- but would get stroppy if I wore Dangerous Games and not react at all to Super Sexy.


I want something that will chill him out and make him feel comforted, safe, happy and secure or able to open up to me. I do have a bottle of BAM but sadly it is hidden in a stash in another country right now so have not been able to test that.

He just seems rather pissy lately and it's hard to get him into a good space.


I'm tempted to try H2H to empathise with him but fear the intense effects mentioned in the reviews so may try to get this in a sample first rather than in a whole bottle. However feel maybe there are some other options for us.




Any suggestions?


Thanks lovely LPers

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I really like Treasured Hearts and/or Open Windows. There are both chill out/feel good social blends that always seem to work when vibes are stressed.....works on me as well as my targets too.

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thanks!!! great recs.

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