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Okay, going to class reunion tomorrow, where I will see the guy I was dating and was crazy about, but we decided to back off and be friends for now because I thought he needed to date more after his divorce and told him to go rebound with someone else then come back and find me. So he is. But I still want him to see me and remember he wants to come back to me, lol. :-) So...do I wear portmanteau which he loved the smell of, with a dose of cops for good measure (scent memory from our past dating). Or, do I go with my Goddess of the blue Moon. (which I adore). Thoughts, advice, opinions? Thanks!

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Thanks, ladies...you are the best. I think I'll wait until closer to the time to leave and go with my gut...


YES! ...you will know :D


...whatever you chose best of luck. Since you probably won't see this till after the fact,LOL,my choice would have been GOTBM & cops :lol:


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