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Tyvey's Smoked Ham


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Have been hoarding my sniffie for quite some time, but no sense in hoarding - these perfumes are meant to be worn. Boy did I miss this! Agreeing with SpriteLeigh, the fragrance has aged beautifully. Fortunately this isn't like SLF on me - it is truly devine. It's a heady, exotic scent and the amber is amped to the max on my skin. Two years ago upthread I said if there was ever a rebrew I would definitely buy a bottle but after wearing it again I would buy more than that!!

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I'm poking around my sniffies & trials and I'm all amazed at the awesome sniffie collection I have. I have 4 full sniffies of this and it has aged nicely. I remember smelling it the first time and I thought it smelled sweet and good. :lol: I think I thought it was a foodie and remember being surprised when I found out it was a SLF. It's so tasty :D


Umm Mara needs to do this again. It would be wonderful as a full release but I dream and I know there are 2 different SLF blends in the store at this time. But god would I love to roll this on. mmmm. :666:

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On 11/1/2012 at 8:53 AM, tyvey said:

I've tried this several times since and wet, it has always started out smelling, inexplicably, like a humid night in the deep south: something like, but not quite, magnolias, jasmine or something like that, a heavy, sultry, big white creamy, smutty flower, on top of the SLF. That fades in an hour or so and it's just the mid-weight SLF. :666:


Today, same thing... but since a time or two ago, it's been tickling my brain, reminding me of something I couldn't put my finger on...and today I got it -- it's CAT'S EYE LITE!!!!!!!! The only reason I made the connection this time is that I happened to have just worn cat's eye recently.

So, someone sent me a sniffle of this a looong time ago, and I assumed it literally was some kind of smoked meat scent! Not that it would turn me off because of that, I do have Sugared Bacon and I love it, but smoke notes make my man run. When I finally realized what it was, and maybe read reviews(?), I know that Cat’s Eye and SLF scents usually go terribly wrong on me, so lots of reasons why I never tested it.


No idea why I reached for it today, other than I'm about to send off a goodies box and there it was.


So…. this scent is addicting! Six hours later, my nose is practically stuck to my wrist. It’s intoxicating. Ironically, my man also picked up something floral, he also said jasmine!

On 2/7/2013 at 11:11 AM, Potion Master said:

Nahhh, no florals added, but remember that certain musks come across as very floral.


Once again proving that I really need to try them all! This was sold out before I came around, but I would’ve bought some if I had the opportunity. This is something I would just wear for myself, and only put on my body in places my nose could reach. I hope Mara rebrews it someday.

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