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I'm just curious about the LAMs & BAMs. Are these the same dose as regular pheromas, (333mcg per bottle), or are they basically an UN, with 1000mcg? I don't think I ever thought to ask before, and I don't recall seeing that info anywhere.

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Okay, good. That's what I thought, and that's how I've been using LAM, and it works great. Thanks Bruiseviolet! :)

Man, it's so easy to forget stuff & get confused sometimes!

I apologize for starting a new thread for such a mundane question. I'm stupid-tired today & didn't think to post this in the LAM/BAM thread until it was too late. :(


ETA, oh no! Only 3 more posts and I become something other than the President of the Eric Northman Fan Club! *sigh* I'll just have to become the unofficial President of Eggers' Alexander Skarsgard Fan Club, 'cause I like looking at my handsome avi.

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LAM Orchid Rose goes well with Lady V's Rose Cookies, or with Orchidacious.


Oh BTW: I have layered Sneaky Clean with BAM Orchid Rose. Scentwise, it goes very well together.


I imagine Sneaky Clean with LAM Orchid Rose: seams like a good combination scent-wise, and phero-wise because it would add some copuline and a bit more alpha-androstenol to the Sneaky Clean (SS4W). I am just waiting for my bottle of LAM Orchid Rose which is on its way, eagerly waiting to try this, too.

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WAIT!! What happened?! I thought you loved Purple Puff?!?!? What bad happened?


I do love Purple Puff, but I tend to wear it at night. When I wear in during the day, I get sad and unmotivated :(

I'm never getting rid of my Purple, but I think I might only be able to wear it at night. I'm not giving up though, going to keep a notebook,so I can figure this out! Who knows maybe it will only affect me on certain days :)

Thinking anything with heavy A-nol might be iffy. Don't worry though, I'm getting ready to put my Purple on now...smells so good :)

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I'm wearing Lam, Orchid Rose today and I really love this one. What would be good to layer this one with beside the Bam? thanks


Any rose, orchid and flora scents will work. I used it under Sugar Plum Fae a few weeks ago.

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