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Perfect match is RUN OUT?/

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Just tried to make an order and found out that PM is now gone.... OH NO!!! Anyone knows when we can get some back?? I really need this one...


I have Treasured heart at the moment, I want to create a bonding and trusting vibe when my crush with me, do TH and PM function similarly ?? Anyone have any idea or experience with both of these two and their differences?





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I didn't do a lot of testing with PM, but I LOVE Treasured Hearts! I am never without it in my arsenal.....creates a "spread the love" vibe in groups , and a nesting vibe in men (desire for permanence).

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We're awaiting a large order of mones....should be restocked in a few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.


YAY!! Happy now, well I am already very pleased with TH... just want to strengthen the effect on my man. hmm, I really want to get this one together with a few others. It is going to be a big order again, and I live in the UK.... plus I do not want to miss the sale, I already have a few ones on the freebie list that I want to try out... and the sale finish on 16th of Sep?? Will the PM return by then?? thanxxx

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