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Hera's Eye


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I'm finally testing out the scent Mara brewed for me - it began as a version of Sugared Ginger...I'd asked if she could throw some citrus in there, make it a blend a guy could wear too...and she came up with a whole new scent - I feel so lucky!


I'd waited this long to wear it because I wanted to settle a rough patch with the other person I'd gotten this brewed for...he and I go through patches of irritation - and I didn't want my first sniff of this to be marred by that undercurrent. So, we settled our issues last night, I handed over the 2nd bottle of Hera to him, and today I'm celebrating!


This is SO going to be a staple for me in the summertime! I tend to shy off of heavy orientals and foody scents in Phoenix in the summer, and I take out my set of citrus, green, woodsy, and simpler floral fragrances. This will fit in nicely.


It starts off with a burst of bright citrus which almost immediately hides behind a full-force ginger note. I got sad at first thinking the citrus had disappeared THAT quickly...but it comes back later...along with what seems to be a soft amber...the amber is a lovely way of balancing this blend! Mmmm....this is so bright and sunny, I love it! Thank you Mara! :(

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I am so stoked about trying this one! It sounds absolutely lovely. I'm so glad that I ordered the March sample pack . . . now, all I have to do is wait for the post office to deliver it! Not patient right now! Too many computer problems, not enough patience!


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I did finally try this potion today. After work, I wanted something bright to pick me up, and Hera's Eye was the perfect choice. It is sunny, fizzy, and light. I'm not picking out the individual notes yet; I'm going to need more than this initial wearing to be able to do that. But I like the way this one makes me feel: alive and full of energy! It's going to be a good one to put on in the morning when I need a little boost to get the day started.

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Hera’s Eye

In vial: bright lemon and ginger, it reminds me of a lemon-ginger herbal tea!

On skin: wow, this is lovely! It still reminds me of that herbal tea, which is a good thing. It smells like lemon and lime and ginger, bright and zingy and sparkly. The citrus notes are fabulous, zesty and bright and smelling like real juice (not cleaning products), with a slight sweetness. There is a slight hint of cologne to it. The ginger goes very well with the citrus, also adding warmth and spice. I think I can just make out the amber and musk, but if anything, they help to round off and balance out the spicy-tangy scent without being too obvious. Over time I smell more of the amber and the musk, but the fresh, light, tangy fruity scent doesn’t leave. In fact, this now smells a bit like ginger, amber, white musk and a sweeter fruit note (can’t say what fruit). I really, really like this one. Definitely a keeper.

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This is a super scent for warm weather! I got this as a freebie in the August sale, and I'm so glad I did. It's bright and fruity, and I'm trying to figure out why it actually SMELLS fizzy and effervescent when fizzy and effervescent are not actually smells. Maybe it's the ginger, reminding me of ginger ale? Regardless, this is a really delightful fragrance.

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At first i got a lot of greenery - like ferns or something then it was lemon-lime ginger ale - a nice deep citrus scent with a hint of musk cologne


the posted description is spot on - its a great unisex blend

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this is to let everyone know,

sniff your sniffies,

because you have no idea what you like.



i know some things i like,

and i tend to gravitate to those.

you know, the honeys...musks....resiny/woody...vanillary....ect.


but i was just curious....


curious about Hera's Eye.


i tried it, and wet OMG ....

gingerale....fantasic effervescent magically uplifting gingerale......

its strong and it has this amazing mood uplifting quality.


As it dries, the amber peeks out and it becomes

i dont know-


just giving-me-ideas-sexy.


i MUST have a full bottle of Hera's Eye.


i didnt know i would like this, and i am so glad i gave it a chance.

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