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Guest cutie.pie

Ha, I was sure there was honey in this...but it's probably maple syrup what I'm smelling. It's nice, but not a me scent, honey doesn't like my skin.

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This has some sort of an overly sweet "boozy" aspect to it, which is really really nice. Reminds me of a duck fart, a little bit? The vanilla is heavy and strong with tiny maple chips floating around and its all set in a shooter of sharp "alcohol".


When i forget about it, i get wafts of enticing rich maple cream and brown sugar.


Im deeply impressed by this, its unexpectingly alluring :lol:

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On 9/6/2012 at 9:44 PM, luna65 said:

LOL, I keep hearing the Bruce Springsteen song.

@Anonymous2F’s post looking for Hungry Heart sent me over here, and I was surprised that Hungry Eyes was the song that popped up. I will have Hungry Heart in my head for at least an hour now.

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