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New Releases for OCTOBER 2012

Potion Master

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Spell Weaver



Sveet Tooth



Midnight Masquerade



Little Witches



Strange & Unusual






Spider Silk






Spiced Cider Pudding



don't be afraid of...




Jack for Men



And a Special for this month only:



A Treat Bag full of 15 Trial Vials from Halloweens past for only $35.

That's more than 50% off!


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New Soaps!


$7.95 per bar - these are the large bath-sized bars.



Love Potion (Original) scented soap

SLS-free all-vegetable soap, with shea, cocoa and pumpkin seed butters added.



UNE scented soap

All-vegetable glycerin soap, very generously fragranced, with a little sprinkling of bee pollen added.



Betrothal scented soap

All-vegetable glycerin soap, very generously fragranced!


Free mini soap included with each trial set this month - while supplies last!!

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LOL @ SVeet Tooth...hee,and my eye was drawn to the curve of the leg in Spell Weaver, reflected by the font :D ...before my time but Spider Silk? think a lot of people are going to be over the moon!

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eek, I'm so excited for the PE! :D (And all the halloween scents. I usually stay away from foodie, but I do like some pumpkin/halloween types.)


omg! Such gorgeous labels. Now i want every thing! Pheromas are gonna get a small budget at this rate!


I can't see any labels? :(

Edited by maiea
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Meeeep!!! OMG these look fantastic! Can't wait to try them and also my PE. I feel all flustered and light headed with joy. And what is also exciting is now I get to look forward to new scent choices every month. I'm over-the-top happy I found this site and have LPMP in my life!

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A sugestion for those who cannot see labels...access the *quote* cut the image url and paste in your browser go to...works for me at least :D


It doesn't work as LP home page is forbidden here and my VPN has not been working for a couple of days. Thanks, Calii!

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