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Any pheros that help with focus and creativity?

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Hello everyone!


This is my very first post! I just learned about pheros 3 days ago, and haven't stopped researching since. I've been on a phero research binge haha. I've lurked 3 other phero forums, but everyone here seems to be so happy and fun. So I'll take the pheros you all are having lol. Oh, and I wanted to mention that I've had a lot of fun reading through your stories, all of your personalities really shine through in your writing.


Now to the point of my post...


I am in college, and in a writing class that requires A LOT of papers. Anyhow, I am not the best writer, and when I'm not good at things or am not having fun doing things, I tend to lose focus. So my question is, are there any pheros that will help me keep my focus? And/or any that will inspire some sort of creativity?


Thanks in advance for all your help!

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Welcome!!! There is a Focus Potion but I haven't tried it, so I really can't comment. Here's the thread on it. http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2498


In the past, I've noticed periods of increased productivity with Perfect Match, but I was working in groups, so i think it was the person to person aspect of that at play and not so much that it helped me concentrate. I haven't tested that any further, though.


Good luck!

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I love Focus Potion. Helps me get right down to business. I also like Focus with Hathor, but Hathor is actually sold out. Check the first page of the Perfumerie, and choose fertility/creativity as the intent, and you should find some good scent options to go with the focus potion.

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Seconding the suggestion for Megawatt. I have that in Determination Potion (also sold out) and it always works when I need to get things done.

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