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This was the original scent that got me hooked to LP. I received it as a sample in a phero-centric first order. When I smelled it I was in love and had to order another. Soft, elegant, powdery and just absolutely gorgeous. All of my coworkers tell me that I always smell so good. One even bought a bottle for herself after smelling it on me. It also lasts through a 12 hour shift. I just love how subtle but elegant it is. It is noticeable but subtle.

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This is a pretty fragrance. I think I went FB after just getting a sniffee. My husband likes it even though he told me he has no idea what it smells like. It smells white and sweet out of the bottle and pretty much retains that quality. I would describe it as white, sweet, cozy, sexy, and slightly smoky after the drydown – the mosses give it an earthiness. It’s pretty long lasting and it reminds me of Snow Musk without the mint note. Even though I loved it when I got it in the spring, I think it also works for fall.

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