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Victoria's Tropical Heat


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Instant Love. Mara you have blown me away. This is amazing. I smell sophisticated purple orchids, covered in buttery coconut vanilla musky goodness with cold frozen berries crushed into sugared powder.

I smell the beach, I smell my tan, I smell coconuts, I smell the delicious berry martinis and purple hooters I drank.

This is reminds me of Chambord wrapped in a sexy kaftan with orchids in her hair frolicking on the beach in Miami.

I love this and it brings back awesome memories of my recent vacation!

Thank you!!!!!! :hammock-1::Sexy:

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I decided to bring this out of storage today because the weather is begging for a vacation. It's like a cool refreshing drink on a beach. A sexy ass cool drink on a beach. I smell like a tropical flower drinking something exotic. The smell is so fresh and intoxicating. Perfect choice for today!!

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