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How do we double the pheros in enhanced perfumes?

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Hi JMartin:


If you want it in the form of a roll-on oil, click here and its the first thing: http://lovepotionper...one_Blends.html

Use the pulldown menus to pick the phero blend and also to choose whether you want to boost a regular scent or an enhanced scent, then fill in the blank with the name of the scent you want boosted. Don't add the scent to your shopping cart, just this item.


IF you want a spray, you need to go here: http://www.lovepotio...ta_Testing.html

THis is a little more complicated because you add the spray scent to your cart AND the pheromone add on. Also, you can choose alcohol base or alcohol/oil blends.

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Just to make it confusing for you, this will technically not double the dose but quadruple it. IIRC Mara has said an enhanced scent is about a third the dose of an unscented phero, so this would make it an awful lot stronger, just wanted to make sure you realised. I have double strength cougar and it wasn't double the fun.


UNLESS, you mean a scent you have chosen to boost yourself. In which case yes, it would double it.


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

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