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The "happy" part for both you & especially the guests which makes up the majority of your review & impressions, sounds like alpha-nol...You were smart to take it easy on the booze-- many of us find that it reduces alcohol tolerance. :)


Reduced alcohol tolerance in self only or also in those that are in close enough proximity to sniff you on a consistent basis? Might make a difference in my use of a-nol during upcoming business holiday parties.... as I don't imbibe myself (not a values judgement; I just personally don't like the smell nor taste of alcohol), its self-effects regarding alcohol is not as interesting to me as the others-effect.

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Yeah, I've heard some descriptions that sound like hangovers...SO not interested in feeling that possible aspect. Think of how much $$ you can save on alcohol? I prefer pheros 110%! Which is great because I'm always the designated driver anyway :D

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