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Wendy's Wandering Moonlight


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"Known in some circles as "pertrichor" (wink!) the gorgeously refreshing scent of the air after a rain; crafted of damp earth, fall leaves, delicate florals and lush greenery. "


No reviews yet? (pokes lip out)

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Is there really no other reviews for this yet?? Maybe there is another thread I couldn't find?


I've already ordered a bottle of this, but am very excited to receive a sniffee even before the bottle has arrived, so I can look forward to what I have coming! At first this is a very watery, leafy, wet earth smell, not unpleasant but not really a normal "perfume" smell either. It does smell like rain, but more strong and concentrated - catching a whiff from a distance smells more accurately like the after-rain smell I was looking for (maybe I should try putting it into a spray?). As it dries down it becomes a bit sweeter and fruitier, like a watermelon maybe. I really like this, both for the feelings the scent evokes and the simple, pleasant sweetness of it. I've been searching for a long time to capture that "after rain" smell, and this is by far the closest I've come so far.

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Synergist, this is what I told Mara: One of my favourite scents in the entire world is the smell of wet pavement after a rain..that sudden cool down that doesn't last because the sun comes out and dries it. There is always a hard wind in a pop up storm that blows leaves onto the ground, twists the herbs 'round in their beds. I wanted all of that in a bottle. As always, Mara captured the images and thoughts in my head perfectly..wet, cooling pavement, green leaves and herbs blown by in an instant. Fresh, clean, gone in a flash. ;) tardis anyone ;)

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