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Do pheros HAVE to be on exposed skin to work?

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Hi ladies.


I've been using pheromones for a little over a year-and-a-half now (started with AD products, then started adding other brands in the past 6 months or so).


Anyhow, I was always under the impression that they NEEDED to be placed in an exposed area so that they could diffuse. However, from just reading through old threads here I'm come across people saying that they use the "lollipop" technique. I'm assuming that you don't always walk around naked, which means that the pheromones are under your shirt, yet are still working. This kind of blew my mind when I first read it. LOL.


Does this work because you're using an oil OR, is it irrelevant and would still work with sprays?


I typically wear my pheros on my wrists and bends of my elbows when at work because those are the only exposed areas (I'm in the operating room). I'll add them to my neck at home.


I'm interested in your replies.


Thanks. :)

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They most definitely do not need to be on exposed skin.


May I jump n your thread to ask a related question--

I know there's been much talk about whether pheros are "better" on skin vs clothes. (I know cops have to be on skin-- I'm talking about true pheros instead.)

and there's been much talk about how LONG pheros last.


My question is both: have you guys noticed a diff in how long they work on skin vs clothes?

Cuz I put on PM at 930am yesterday and put on clothes right away so I know it got on my clothes. I am quite certain they were still working TWELVE HOURS LATER -- had a couple male friends flitting adoringly around me who normally don't, and a very cute very young dude was totally besotted. I don't get effects for that long on skin (more like 4-6 hours) - I think it was the PM on my clothes. Oil btw, not spray. I can be charming but this was ridiculous. Thoughts?

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Body heat through fabric works as a fabulous diffusing system! I apply on my midsection, put my clothes on top, and as my body heat rises the scent and pheros bloom. Some gets into the fabric this way too and lengthens the wear of the fragrance & pheros. I can pick up a shirt I wore days earlier and still smell them. I always apply oils this way, and if I am topping off with social phero in spray form, I spray it on my clothes and hair.


You NEED the skin chemistry action for anything with a detectable level of copulins in it. If you don't give copulins that melding action, the smell never calms down and you've got stinky cops smell all day long. With other pheros, they work on skin, hair, fabric and even diffused in the air like with our wax melts.

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