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Another What Pheremone should I get for a man with x-traits


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Previously I had asked what pheremone fragrances (or UNs) to get for my boyfriend who has low testosterone and I found that thread really helpful.


I'm so excited to be finally ordering from this company that I'm going to place an order and send it directly to my boyfriend's best friend who is also a friend of mine. I'm already thinking something with Open Windows. Unfortunately, he has low self-esteem which causes him to not really pursue women. On his latest trip, he was excited to talk to women in various places and flirt, but he didn't get their phone numbers, email addresses, or anything!


His follow through is crap. So I'm looking to buy him a sample kit, though I'm not adverse to buying say $40-50 worth of the $5 samples if there's something not offered in the sample kit.


I'm not expecting one pheremone/fragrance to do all of these but these are separate things that I think, if addressed, would help:


*Something to boost his self-esteem, or help him relax and take chances.


*Something that would help him be cocky


*His brother and the brother's girlfriend are a huge source of tension around the house when they come to visit-- like getting into brawls with each other over random small shit and threatening to run each other over when one leaves the family home in a huff. This friend of mine has gotten really good at keeping out of it, but sometimes, one of them crosses the line, and my friend loses his temper really bad. Not criminally, but if there's a home melt that he can put on the second he knows they're coming over, AND have a pheromone he can put on to keep them from losing their shit minds around him, that'd be great.


*He's probably best if the women pursued him (which I don't agree with, but it takes all kinds, and I know some women like to pursue.) So either something that will inspire a woman's dominant side to take the reigns, or perhaps just something that will get a woman to not wait for him to make the move. Now-- I know these aren't going to attract people who wouldn't have at least some basis for attraction, BUT he does have women who seem to like him, but he just has crap follow through because he's too shy around women. He'll joke and flirt but it's like he's kidding. The second it might cross over into real flirting he gets tongue tied and dumb about how to go about wooing a woman.


*This is partially self-esteem, but I think it mainly has to do with some PTSD. Or it could be that because all of his family drinks so much, it's just the norm-- but he spends a lot of time drinking. I'm not sure what could be used to address this...not something that would make him so mellow that if he used too much he'd get depressed (as I remember reading on one review though I don't remember which one.) Maybe just something that wouldn't have him wanting to drink alone so much to fill the evenings, which has to be loneliness too.


I'm going to try to order on Monday or Tuesday. We can buy and ship to other people's houses as a gift right? Because he lives closer to LPMP, and there's no way I could get it to him for Christmas, if it came to me first.


Thanks for all the help. And I hope, if there's isn't a thread on this already, people could ask their "What do I get for this man who has x-traits?" questions.

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Is Audacious only a female pheromone? I just went through ALL the sample descriptions (on my phone no less)

and that looked like an "amp you up confidence-wise" pheromone.


I really need a paper catalogue. My head is spinning with the website. I just want to use a permanent marker and post-it notes and mark what I want.


I'm familiar with charisma. is MVP in all the sports named ones?

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Audacious is for women, yes.


MVP is in Ruisseau, Top Dog, and Touchdown! But each of the "sports trio" has a different pheromone mix in it.

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Oh, don't be sad! He's got a really great support system, and he's a LOT better off than he used to be. It just sucks because...well, once you're in a relationship, if you see someone who seems really sad about not being in a relationship, it makes me feel sad too because anything I do to help probably underscores me being in a happy relationship, and he's still struggling. Plus, he's Irish-- so maybe the alcoholism isn't an issue. Because he doesn't do it irresponsibly (drunk driving) I don't really give him hell about it, and he's actually quite healthy-- does yoga, and cooks for himself and his family of men who he lives with (they all share a crazy nice house.)


Thanks for the suggestions about MVP and Topper-- I thought whenever I saw "topper" that it was just, yaknow, a topper or cover fragrance for the stronger pheromones so I'll have to check that out again.


It's almost getting redundant when I keep saying "I'm so excited that...." but I am! I just added a bunch of samples to my first order and had them overnighted, and tucked in there is Heart's ease with something Balm which I hope is going to help with a family member who's mourning another family member's death really, really hard. Which she should-- not saying she shouldn't, but I think my other family members are starting to get really worried about her. So she might get sneak phero-bombed by another family member if she doesn't accept the present.

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