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Mixing alcohol based phero UN's in perfume oil- Can it be done?

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I've got a few of the tester bottles from last year of the UN pheros (sexology, BANG, Lumina, Blatant Invitation) and I assume these are alcohol based right? I'd like to use them up by mixing them in some LP perfume oil, like LP red or Vicars and Tarts for example. Can this be done? or should you not mix the alcohol UNs with the Oil scents? Otherwise I am not using them. Since most contain cops they are very strong and drydown takes longer.


If I can mix them, How many normal sized drops per full sized bottle of perfume oil? For example, If I have a full bottle of LP red oil, how many drops can I get away with?



I mixed UN oil pheros in oil perfume before with great success. just didn't want to ruin a perfectly good bottle of oil :-)



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You can mix it ALL in. The sample vials are 1x - that is, if you had a 1oz bottle of spray, these are 1/5th of a spray bottle, same concentration. It will make the oils a lot more "thin" so you might have to be careful about laying them on their side or carrying in your purse, but as far as phero dosage and alcohol content, they are perfectly fine to mix together.


If you only have the 10ml (1/3rd oz) bottles, then mix half a bottle of oil with the entire bottle of the Phero Trial Spray.


OR, you can just add a few drops of oil to the spray to make a lightly scented phero spray.

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