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The Sinner and the Saint


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This is a unisex scent and I approach these very carefully for obvious reasons. But I will also say that I cannot remember trying a unisex scent here at LPMP that has been too feminine on me.


I have included a couple quotes from where this scent was reviewed in the women's section as I think both Blue Bear and Nu Trix described the scent pretty well.


I like this scent. It does have that mix of light and dark that BB mentions. As a man's scent it does not go far into the "dark" of the musk or patchoulli and that is offset by that a touch of sweetness. But I can also see where this could be a slightly sweet women's scent with a good hint of darkness around the edges.


I think Nu Trix's description of this as a mature, sophisticated scent is an accurate one. I can clearly picture wearing this in the fine dining and fine seduction scenarios she mentioned.


This is well worth a full bottle.


I'm not really eloquent at describing fragrances, but I'll try because I love this SO...MUCH. The Sinner and the Saint is magnificent! It's my favorite in the bunch. It's both light and dark at the same time, sweet and nice with something dangerous in the background. Both in the bottle and on me, you can smell the light sweetness of the powdered sugar and the darkness of the patchouli. The musk is not as out there as they are but it's there, keeping everything balanced. And the amber notes are just divine. This scent didn't really change too much on me; the musk became a little more prominent on me, but that's about it.


I couldn't stop smelling myself all day! If I were a dude, I would totally do me wearing this! :lol:

Yet another scent from my new stash of goodies...


I like it immediately right out of the bottle. Amber, Musk, Patchouli- oh yeah baby!


There’s something sultry about this one to me. Hey! :blink: I was just checking out the description and saw this could be worn by BOTH women and men! I don’t know that I could get hubby to wear it, he’s not a patchouli fan, but I could see ME not leaving him alone if he did :w00t::lol:!


There’s something wonderfully sensual about this scent. I also want to say masculine but perhaps since it is intended for both sexes I could describe it as dominant or in control?


On me words like…mature and/or sophisticated come to mind to describe it, like an evening scent for fine dining and wine and good manners…or a sensual night of deliberate seduction…Is that the duplicity in the name that’s implied? I totally get it!


I wonder what hubby will think of this one? This is a keeper no matter what though :D

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This one has been on my list to purchase forever but it keeps getting bumped off due to Phero’s taking its place. This review makes it a done deal for me and I’m going to use Christmas money to purchase it.


I bet you will like it - it is very smooth.

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I tested the Sinner and Saint in March 2014. In the bottle it smelled nice. It is crisp, but there is a sweetness and musk to it. It smells slightly masculine to me, but it doesn't read as masculine on me to others. This does morph on my skin. After 20 minutes it becomes very rich, deep, and earthy/ancient smelling. It was really different from anything I have ever tried before. A few hours later it became sweet and smokey on me. About five hours later it became a really sweet deep mellow skin scent that would not come off with showering and witch hazel. I like this fragrance, but the morphing is what kills me. It takes so long for it to settle on my skin and stop changing.

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My man put this on 8 hours ago. He's just sitting next to me reading a book and minding his own business, and he smells so good that I want to punch him in the face. Now, I've had a headache most of the day and I was starving for last two hours before I just ate some gross pasta to stave off death, but he smells so good that it's making me mad. No one should smell that good for just reading a paperback of short stories barefoot.


I might also be mad because headaches are dumb and caffeine doesn't work on my headaches anymore. Plus I haven't won the Mega Millions yet and I was really hoping to hire my kids a driver with my winnings.


I know LP's morph on the wearer, and it does start different on him, but I like ALL the changes. I don't think, if it smelled the same on everyone, that I could consider it unisex, it is a very sexy mansmell to me.

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