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Indecent Exposure w/Sexology

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@ dol - NICE! Ambitious too! Too bad more people don't get how prosperous working as a team can be. You go gurl! :aola:


It's really been a great opportunity for me to meet other graduates that live in my state that either graduated before or after me...Your right working as a team is very prosperous

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I didn't think I would really like this one, but it's surprisingly nice! Sweet and fruity and covers the pheromones perfectly. As it dries down it becomes very "sweet honey" on me, surprisingly innocent and girly and just that hint of fruit dancing in the background.

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Hmm. May have to break this one out and give it another run now that I have some new yummy scents to layer with it :D

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I tested this one today - thanks to a lucky trade I recently received a full spray bottle, as well as having purchased a sample vial. I love love love the smell of this! And after reading this thread, I felt okay about testing it at work for a day. I'm trying to avoid stuff with alot of cops at work, but I usually give myself about one day a week to have fun - usually CB because I love the reaction from it, but this week I opted for Indecent Exposure:)


In my tiny bit of previous experience with sexology, my target guy responded extremely well to the phero, as did most other people I came into contact with. I did have one female co-worker who had a negative reaction (she didn't say anything to me, but I was definitely getting a weird vibe from her and she avoided me for a couple days afterward). I'm happy to say that with Indecent Exposure, though, I had NO negative reactions from anyone. The guy is going through a bit of a personal rough patch, and I didn't really get the super-happy reactions from him that I'd hoped for, but I did have a pretty amusing conversation with one of my female co-workers. I should preface by saying that I did recently get my hair cut and colored, but this co-worker has seen me since then, so it shouldn't be new. But I walked into the room and past her today, she says "Whoa, what's going on with all this?" to which I responded that I had gotten my hair colored, and it was way too dark (which it is, I didn't mean to go so drastic), but then she says no, that I have a "glow" lol. I tried to just play it off and say that I was late and had rushed to get there (which was true) but then she says "Oh no, do you have a man?" I denied it (of course - the guy was there!!!) and she didn't believe me! So she says "What happens in the dark will get found out in the light of day!" OMG lol! I think this is the funniest hit I've had with any phero ever! Of course, the guy was pretty quiet for a few hours after that, I'm not sure now if he thinks I DO have a guy, but hopefully he believes me when I say that I don't. I just wish I could have gotten the playful-happy reaction from him that I was after, but sadly the pheros can only do so much.


Oh, and I have to say I may have put a bit much on but - I definitely could feel some self-effects! This is rare for me, since I usually don't get selfies much. But with this one today - definitely!

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Great post Amalthea! Had to giggle reading about your female co-worker - you GLOW gurl! :Emoticons0424:

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This is made to wear out in the world. This is the most perfumey in the bunch, but still with the LP flair. Elegant and stylish, yet yummy and sexy too.

...and it still is, maybe better :)

I'm wearing this today, it's been a long time. OMG this was originally great but age has rounded out any edges and nothing overwhelms. Just amazing. A real nod to the power of aging in some of these scents. This is the fig I love, musky, sexy, elegant really nice.

And!!! A sexology scent to wear out, woot!

I'm huffing myself all day.

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