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Hearts Sweet Beach


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I asked for a beachy PE in December because I am so over being cold already. Serious! Im ready for beach weather. So a beach in a bottle scent was what i was after. The notes I asked for were banana, coconut, vanilla and tiare flower.

Smelling from the bottle, it's very banana/coconut. On my skin, the non foody vanilla and tiare make their appearance. It's sweet but not a heavy foody. It's light and airy. It smells like lying on the beach, smelling coconut lotion, drinking a creamy banana drink with a fragrant flower tucked behind your ear. And settles to a very soft sweet smell.

I love this! Thanks Mara!!!

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For some reason I keep thinking the title is Hearts Sweet Beatch

Lol funny because me and my friends always say "sweet, bee otch" and thought of that when I chose the name.

Anyhoo, the tiare really isn't all that gangster. It's soft, almost powdery. I told Mara, I was inspired by that old B&BW Ile de Tahiti stuff. It's really similar to that if you remember that line.



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Yeah the banana is a little more ripe in this one, I'd say. I like it although it wears a bit soft on me, but it's nicely creamy and sweet. The trace of tiare I get is really pretty; this reminds a bit of my FLOOFY! too, except with banana.

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