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The Hunter and The Woodland Nymph


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This is another very good scent created by Mara herself. It is a semi-sweet scent on my skin, but not the kind of artificial cloying sweet I often get from some of those "big name" commercial scents. The vanilla makes it a deeper sweet and is helped by the sweet pine. Not dark, just deeper, the two different notes giving this scent a sense of dimension as opposed to a one note surface sweet.


But the sweet top note is offset and balanced by the other ingredients. The Chypre and the musks create a strong warm base for this scent. They seem to melt right into my skin, making it smell warmer.


Finally there is a slight hint of spice right on the edges. Not enough to make the overal scent "spicy", but more like good punction in a sentence.


Remember, these scents are just a little different on everyone, but this is another scent that is certainly worth a try.


I paired this with the Wanted Man pheromone and suddenly my wife decided she had time for a morning "wake me up" before work ...

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Ohhhh! This is LOVELY! Working my way through my extensive sampler collection :)


Sweet forest smell, like there's a bakery at the end of the mossy path.


This could be easily mistaken for 'just the way someone always smells' in that haunting sense. Add some cops and mones to this and...oh, I would bury my face in a furry chest with this.

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Most of them are. ;)


Haha - yes I suppose they are but John does some good ones too!

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I can't believe there aren't more reviews on this one! I've been tempted to try it for a long time but finally succumbed during the sale. This is a great foresty musk, not sharp, not too green, musky in the drydown without being dirty. It is definitely on the quiet, close-to-the-skin side, and while it does have a sweetness to it, it's not a scary or shrill kind of sweet. Definitely workplace appropriate, IMO. This would be amazing on a man, of course (as it is intended to be!) but I don't feel like it's too masculine for a woman to pull off. I'm finding it more unisex than I did the Sinner and the Saint (not that the scents themselves are similar, but just to give you an idea of what my gauge looks like).

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Oh yes. A woman can pull this off and do so well. An ex of mine wore this occasionally because she liked it and it smelled better on her than it did on me.

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Mmmmm, my 7 year old bottle smells like a brisker version of Love Potion: Terra Mater.

It's everything I love about LPMP, it lies close to skin, it's comforting, it's sexy.  It's unisex. It's hypoallergenic. 

It's a smidge to the masculine side of unisex for me and I feel like it would pair well with The Love God phero blend. 

If you're lucky enough to have some - try it like that !



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