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Hi Everyone...Super Excited!


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I am new to LP and feel like I hit the jackpot. I love trying new perfumes and have been looking for more natural alternatives to commercial scents. I have also been wearing pheromones for almost a year and love the self-effects. Of course, the hits are great too :-)


I have spent countless hours reading your product reviews and am now armed with a couple dozen samples. Now I have to resist the urge to try them all at once.

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These are the samples that I have:


Red Lace

Goddess of the Moon

Because the Night




Heart's Ease

Velvet Kisses



Indecent Exposure

Fuzzy Wuzzy


Enduring Appeal

Breathe Into Me

Stealing Heaven

Kitten Nip

Strange Attractors


Focus Potion


I also ordered the Love Potion trial collection plus all the freebies, which were a great surprise!


So far, I have tested Goddess of the Moon, Because the Night and Unisexy. I have to say I am very impressed.

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Welcome to the forum! :thbf54f4bf:


That's an AWESOME selection to start out with...so many samples and only so many hours in a day! Ug! :lol:

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Hi Chelle, You/ve got quite a list. What kind of scents do you like? Resins? Floral? food?


Raq, I prefer the resin scents. I've always been drawn to perfumes that are warm, spicy and exotic. When I want something lighter, then I go for citrus notes. Occasionally a floral scent will surprise me if it unique enough. However my boyfriend responds mostly to the foody scents, so I have developed a healthy appreciation for those.


Welcome to the forum! Very soon, you will be plotting your next order the moment you put one in .... That's called the LP addiction!


JOC, I'm already plotting :-)

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Welcome Chelle! Enjoy your new smellies!

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It's good to see you here, Chelle! You're off to a really great start!

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