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Best scent for a teen needing confidence?

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Phero-less of course.


While I do not see anything wrong with being quiet and an observer, I know he lacks confidence not just with girls but in many things.


When you are feeling reserved, and you know you need to be outgoing for something specific, what LP just based on scent alone brings you out of the shell?

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well, I can't answer to the men's scents, hopefully the guys will chime in.. but I have found that it's very personal. Scents that appeal to me make me feel better. Maybe order him a few sample vials and see what he likes?

If you go to the perfumerie section of the main LPMP site, you can filter by male/female and by magickal intent - that may help you come up with some ideas... Look at Eternal Sunshine and Pendragon - the magickal intent of those two sounds like what you may be looking for.

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You can look by intent as stated.


I would also think you would want something a little toned down for school. Some male scents are stronger than others and you do not want him to get the real "Axe effect" - as in stinking up the place with too much cologne as opposed to girls chasing him down the halls.


Here are a few suggestions:


Moon of the Falling Leaves

The Sinner and the Saint

Creole Man

Seven Tears



These are all scents I like that are nice but not too overpowering for a school setting.


The Sand Box & Cry Havoc are also good but they are a lot "deeper".

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My man really likes Excalibur too.....

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I am very new here, but I would like to make a small suggestion on this topic.


How about getting a sample of the 3 most purchased (by women) men's fragrances? I know the idea is for a man to chime in (and I am a man, but no experience with theses scents), but if enough ladies like his fragrance, that might give him the confidence boost that he needs.


I figure that if enough women are buying certain fragrances for their men, then they must be great. Have him try a scent a week and see what happens. Because the scents are so unique, I can imagine that a few of the girls his age will ask about the smell. Have him ask the girls if they like the smell first and how much they like it on a scale of 1 to 10. Then they might ask him what the scent is and If I were him I would say something about only sharing that information with very close friends or something like that.


Then he gets an entire bottle based on feedback in his social circle, class, etc.

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