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Honey Bunny fragranced hydrating Water


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Someone tucked a sample of this in my most recent order, so I promptly gave it to BF (it's one of his most favourite LPs), and he squealed, "Oooh! Honey Bunny!" and immediately began spritzing himself from head to toe! :lol: So thank you, from him! And from me. It smells so good on him, he smelled sweet & juicy all day! :D

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Hot tip on these waters (if you are not sensitive on facial skin). As I put on makeup, I spritz this between layers of contour,foundation,and then powder concluding with a final spritz. It makes my skin literally glow and look dewy for hours and hours and hours. And it smells fantastic. And I saw this on one of those you tube bits where a dude was putting makeup on his face like this and damn if it doesn't work perfectly. #dudesdomakeupbetter

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