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Question: What is TAH?

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It still may be available from Androtics, but Mara isn't going to use any of their products again as far as I know.

Me, Jane! also had TAH in it, if you should ever see some on offer in the Trading Post.

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It is still available at Androtics, but I just popped over there and noticed that 1) it is twice the price if you don't have official tester status ($14 vs. $28 for a TOGO), and 2) they still have weird rules about ordering it unfragranced. I have a partial bottle with the neroli scent on my trading thread.

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It's been awhile since I wore mine, just have a sample vial...it is somewhat like Lace,but not near as good,IMO :)


None of "their" pheros are as good.....IMO......

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