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Putting Pheros on pillow question

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I've been dosing my boyfriend with pheros on his pillow after trying it with Elevation Potion

and finding that he fell asleep faster and more deeply. Not sure if it was more restful, but decided

to keep playing with it.


I now have Heart's Ease with Balm Bomb and put some on my pillow and then put it close to him.


I haven't put Elevation Potion on his pillow for a couple of days, but I wasn't sure how long pheromones

last on cloth. Obviously they last longer than on skin, but how much longer? Wouldn't want to

cross them and give him a bad headache like the time I put on some UN spray of some sort or another

and added Elevation Potion because I'd just gotten it in the mail.

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A looooong time. I've smelled phero on clothing that I've worn and tossed in the hamper a week later. be careful, though. Sometimes phero gets into the hair and smells godawful, and not just the cops. Est has done a cat pee number in my hair that doesn't shampoo out too easily.

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Okay,.cool. He didn't report any headache and slept a good long while after I got up for my morning errands,

So I guess I lucked out that EP and HE didn't contraindicate. I'll let it go four days between applications of different

phero enhanced perfumes just to be sure :)



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