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A New Sexiness


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Hi Everyone,


I am in need of a little advice..


I was just wondering if Pheromones work for everyone and if you can smell the "unscented" ones on yourself after the dry-time? I have been recently using Blatant Invitation for a few days now but I don't seem to be getting any "different" reaction out of my husband (who I haven't seen in a week). Also, I don't think the smell of the copulins is that bad(is that weird?) Anyway, I started with just using on my cleavage and wrists...nothing...so the next days i doused my chest, torso, and wrists (maybe I wasn't using enough) and dried for 10+ mins..no change in looks, behavior or anything. Are my expectations too high? Should I try another blend of pheromones? Am I doing this wrong?


Appreciate any insight, as I am new to this chapter :)

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Hi LolaCherryCola! First of all: welcome to the forum! :D


My first bit of advice is to read these forum pages - especially those in the pheromone section. There's a TON of valuable and useful information hidden in those pages.


It's not really that weird that you don't mind the smell of cops. There are others here who don't mind the smell too much either. But the thing to remember is that to a lot of other people that smell can be very offensive. It's essentially synthetic vaginal secretions, so it's definitely not something everyone wants or likes to smell. When you're wearing any pheromone blend that has cops in it, make sure you wear a perfume as a cover scent. There are tons and tons here to choose from, and they all smell incredible. You'll want to apply to your torso, and chest, maybe wrists. Never near the hair, or on your face, and yes, you do need to let the pheros/cops dry before you get dressed because if you get them on your clothes, or in your hair, you will smell unclean to other people.


The other thing to keep in mind with the UNscented phero blends is that they're super-concentrated - about three times what is in one of Mara's pheromone enhanced perfumes. You really only need a very tiny bit of an UNscented blend. You might have to play around a bit to find a good dose - what we tend to call your "sweet spot". You could wind up having a wonderful response with as little as a two inch strip on your torso, or you may find you need four or five inches. The "UN" in unscented simply means that the blend doesn't have a perfume added to it. Some pheromones smell. Others don't. Some stink like hell! :lol: You'll figure out which ones are stinky & which aren't as you go along.


My guess as to why your husband didn't respond was because you were wearing too much, and because you wore no cover scent. There is a chance that other blends might work better on your husband. My boyfriend tends to respond quite well to Cuddle Bunny, La Femme Noire and Perfect Match. There are others he doesn't seem to respond to at all, but which put me in a great mood, or make me feel sexy or whatever, so I wear 'em anyway. ;)


You might keep in mind that one of the easiest ways to get the hang of using these pheromone blends is to start off using some of the scented versions. With a scent in place, it's much, much easier to gauge how much you're wearing. And I think you'll find, like a lot of us do, that wearing less often equals more of a response from others.


Good luck & have fun! I'm sure others will come along and add to this. :D

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Welcome LCC!


Eggers offered a ton of great advice!

Yes, the unscented smell...some almost not at all and others are pretty "heady" (read that STINKY, lol). I don't mind the cop smell so much after dry down but I'm sensitive to them and can smell them there, some of the unscented blends are the same, not terribly pungent but I know they're there. Some people don't notice them after the dry down time...but because I have no idea who finds the scent unpleasant I wear a cover scent(perfume) over them. The pheromone enhanced fragrances are a great place to play starting out, as Eggers mentioned above :) My hubby responds well to the bonding blends too (Cuddle Bunny, Perfect Match) but Sexpionage is VERY sexual and hits him like a voracious ton of bricks - Yowzah!

It seems a number of things effect my husband subtly - BI is one of them - so weird. There are a handful, after experimentation, that are home runs either out of the gate or with a bit of tweaking. Learning what make you and your hubby tick will come with time, and a bit of intuitiveness. Pheromones are a tool - YOU make them work for you. When you find the right ones for you and your husband, hehehe, it'll just be LESS work for you and LOTS of playtime for both of you! ^_~

Couple places to pop in for starting info:



Happy hunting and, again, welcome :D

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First thing to remember.....not all blends will work for every person as intended. Sometimes you may get wild crazy results with a particular blend, and other blends, not so much.


Second, unscented specifically means no scent added. But yes, most phero blends have a smell....some light, some strong, some.... :blink: When cops dry down on me, they aren't that bad....smells kind of like over-ripe fruit. and while that doesn't bother me, it may bother others.....in fact, it may actually REPEL others. Try to use a cover scent.....find one that your hubby likes.....one that will encourage him to lean in and sniff.....


Also, it sounds like you may be going heavy-handed with it.....we call it the "ghosting" effect.....people are ambivalent and almost dismissing or ignoring you.....start slowly and work up......often you will find that a "less is more" approach works best.


Last, you didn't specify if you were wearing it around anyone other than you man, but just be aware that you may not want to wear Blatant Invitation out in public. It is a highly sexual blend, and depending on who you are wearing it around, it could be sending the wrong signal and giving off the wrong vibe.


So anyway, welcome to the forum, ask questions, and read the phero forums and journals.....my journal is especially loaded with phero reports.....LOL....enjoy!!

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Great advice from the ladies here, as usual. Here's a question sort of along the lines of what Dolly was saying. What was the environment you were wearing the phero? Were you out and about in public with your hubby? Were you in your home with kids or other relatives around? Pheros can do awesome things, but if you were in a situation where your husband would never ordinarily come onto you, the phero isn't likely going to overcome it.


Another quick question: is your husband an alpha male? I tend to date alpha males, and I don't know about the other ladies, but BI is hit or miss with them. I have better responses with Cuddle Bunny (there is a phero enhanced Cuddle Bunny fragrance; try it!) or La Femme Mystere for those type of guys. Something to keep in mind.


Again, welcome!

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welcome here! i find my man responds to more dominant pheros like leather, try different blends to see what works best.


Mine too.....he loves the dominant blends on me....

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Hi, LCC!! You'll get tons of excellent advice from everyone on the forum. And you'll have a lot of fun, too. Now -- tell me how to get that blasted Kinks song out of my head! :lol:

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HIYA !!! ...welcome to our home :) My guy is one who responds extremely well to BI,that being said it is in the fabulous Mara's Rocket Fuel 2 scent and no longer available,I have never used BI unscented,and it does sound like you are using way way too much...you have gotten really solid advice from everyone !!! have fun experimenting :)

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Now -- tell me how to get that blasted Kinks song out of my head! :lol:


By replacing it with another song: Savage Garden's I Want You:


Anytime I need to see your face

I just close my eyes

And I am taken to a place where

Your crystal mind and

Magenta feelings take up shelter

In the base of my spine

Sweet like a chic a cherry cola...



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Welcome to the forum.


You have gotten some great advice from the ladies. And certainly do your reading.


A few observations:


The ladies are right, you are probably wearing way too much. When you wear too much in the way of pheromones you get whatsome people call "ghosting" - the signal sent is so strong people's unconscious minds cannot process it and they just kind of ignore you. With pheromones, less is often better. Start low - just a couple inches and work your way up until you find your sweet spot.


Cops work. Studies have shown that a man's testosterone levels jump as much as 150% at the "scent of a woman". If the Mrs. & I are "re-engaging as a couple" and I find myself flagging a little for whatever reason, a quick trip South is usually all it takes to get re-energized.


Guys generally fall predominantly into one of two camps. One goes for the pheromone signature of a more aggressive female (think Angelina Jolie characters) and the other goes for more of a Marilyn Monroe type. Which type do you think you are - the more aggressive or the more draw him in? Obviously, whichever you are is the one your husband likes. Now you may switch back and forth, but you are probably predominantly one type. Using a pheromone blend that amps that signal will probably get you where you want to go. Remember, pheromones just make you more "you". At the same time, say you are a more Marilyn Monroe type and that is what you run with. But one evening you decide to go with an Angelina Jolie mix. Just remember you will need to match your behavior to the mix and be Angelina Jolie that night. We call that congruence or acting congruently - matching your behavior to the pheromone mix.


The warning you had about wearing sexual mixes when you are out is true. Everyone reacts to pheromones, not just your intended target - ie hubby. And often the people who react the strongest are those with the lowest social filters. And the people with the lowest social filters are often drunk or just have really low social filters for all the wrong reasons. One young lady threw on a sexual mix as she was going to meet a guy she really liked. She lived in a city and rode the bus everywhere. Wanna guess what happened? She spent the trip fending off the kinds of guys she would never date to begin with. I wear sexual mixes when I am out with the Mrs. but seldom otherwise. For example, when I first got the Wanted Man pheromone blend (it is for guys to wear and is very sexual) I had some very blatant reactions just running errands. The second test morning they got so bad I washed the stuff off. I get in plenty of trouble on my own thanks, I don't need that kind. I have even had women react when my wife is right there with me. Just be ready.


I hope this helps some. Again - welcome to the forum and LPMP.

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QuietGuy, that was an entertaining read, thanks! I do go back and forth between the two personality types, but even at my best Marilyn Monroe(when we are out and about), Angelina is always lurking in the shadows and cannot keep herself at bay for too long(usually after we finally get home). With that being said, my intentions are to find a blend that will entice him to make a move before my dark side has a chance. :banana052: :banana052: Although my honey is an alpha male, our sea of passion for sex is usually churned by my desire.. a bit opposite but its just the way it is. I am considering trying BANG... has anyone experience with it? I know patience will be coming into play here while figuring out what is best for us, im just so EXCITED! Also, do pheromones make the wearer a bit light headed, almost like a high? I have been feeling this way the past couple days and wearing the perfume is the only thing I have changed to my routine...maybe? I like how indecent exposure sounds!


Thanks to all! <3

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Also, do pheromones make the wearer a bit light headed, almost like a high? I have been feeling this way the past couple days and wearing the perfume is the only thing I have changed to my routine...maybe?


Everyone has slightly different self-effects, but a lot of the strongest - like the light-headedness - fades quickly with use for most people. Although some like blends like Focus Potion are designed specifically for self-effects.


Once you get used to wearing pheromones, the ones to watch out for self-effects are the ones with alpha and beta nols. You may find yourself talking a lot and about things you did not intend to share lol.

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BANG! is my new favorite at the moment, lol! I really like it for the selfies but the effects on others are good too. This one gets to the male libido so BE careful, lol, 'course I love that livin' dangerously part...

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That's true! Cops don't really "stink" to me after dry down, but I know the majority of the population at large find them unpleasant or strange. I think that's my main reason for using a cover scent wit them.

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