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Love Potion: Gold 2013


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I'm lucky to have scored this off the trades after it's had a chance to age. Now lemongrass, of course, could overwhelm anything, but I can't even pick it out on my skin. I'm sure Mara used a delicate hand, but I think it's just faded in the mix. I can't pick out the grapefruit either, there's just a light cheeriness to the blend. When wet, I get a blast of cocoa butter, but quickly settles into vanilla and honey with a patchouli chaser. I get why it's called Gold, it's warm, sunny, with a touch of sparkle. Its the perfect "let's go for a walk," on a perfectly sunny but not too hot day. NOT a hike. A short walk for some refreshment. I'm having a very lazy day, and my goal is only the corner store, but it's sunny and I smell fabulous.

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Hmmm. I wonder why I felt a need to highlight the last sentence above, two Springs ago. If only I knew the future of what lazy days were to become, and how going to the corner store would be considered an undertaking that required preparation and personal protection equipment. 
What has not changed is that I still smell fabulous in LP Gold, and today is another sunny day. The corner store has had new owners since then, but they still sell ice cream. Phew.

The cocoa butter in LP gold, with the honey, does read as smooth and chocolatey to me, but it never approaches dusty or “too much chocolate” that sometimes happens on my skin. I can’t pick out the lemongrass, but my man can, which is fine since he digs it. 
It would, of course, layer fabulously with OCCO: Coco Cocoa as a way to add cops, but I had added 2 drops EOW to it when I first got it and it’s all very smooothe. I might add this over on the rebrew request page....

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