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Spa Mint w/Tranquility Wax Melt

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This is an amazing melt. Don't have time to go to the spa? Or having a tense or stressful day? Pop one of these in and be swept away by the relaxing aroma.


It is a very fresh scent. It feels very airy and light. It is a truly luxe and spa like.


It is also very gender neutral. The whole house enjoys (and relaxes) when we burn this.

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Used this for the guest bath a month or more ago to rave reviews~from the gent! Said it was soothing and refreshing after a long couple of flights from UK. The Mrs. asked where she could purchase it, so not having time for a new order, I sent her the two I have. Myst order more. This is so relaxing and yet completely refreshing. LOVE IT!

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