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Order Changes...a plea from Mara


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Hi guys, Mara asked me to make a post for her about order changes. Recently there have been a ton of people changing their orders. This also happens with non-forum customers who email me so do not think it's just forum members. Anyway, it takes Mara and the team (which is only 3 people in the Summer) several hours a DAY to change all of these orders. There are seven different departments that your order goes through between ordering and shipment. When an order change request comes in, they have no idea which station that order is in at that point so they have to search through hundreds of orders to find the one that needs modification. Very very time consuming. So this is a plea from Mara, please take your time plotting out your order and be sure of what you want to get before actually placing the order. Not only does the physical order have to be changed but Mara also has to readjust the cart, so she's losing time programming as well. This is not meant to be an admonishment, Mara wants that to be clear. No apologies are needed. Just be aware of what you really want when you order. I know we all want to make it easier on Mara and the team. If this doesn't change there is a very real possibility that the PEs will be done away with for good. She just doesn't have any time to spare. None of us wants that.Thanks!

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