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Private Editions for JUNE 2013

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Some very nice blends this time around! You guys are getting better and better with your PE ideas! :clapW2:


These will be getting bottled tomorrow (Monday), and after the creator's orders are filled I will let everyone know how much is left. Please no reservations until we know what we have available. Thanks!



Spring's Jasmine Rain

4 Bottles Available

Spring asked for: "ozone, water-fresh, jasmine and earth. I'm looking for an airy scent that smells of walking in the rain with soft whispers of jasmine blowing in the breeze. Feeling alive, playful, sexy." This came out beautiful! Watery fresh and very natural.



Melissa's Creamy Iris

4 Bottles Available

CinnamonMel asked for: "iris, creamy coconut, white amber... a creamy blue perfume" Gorgeous floral, this one turned out kind of a creamy greeny-blue, because the Iris is so fresh and natural smelling, added to that a few drops of water accord and coconut cream and white amber.



Melissa's Butterfly Bait

5 Bottles Available

CinnamonMel says: "carnation, a touch of the most sugary turkish delight type rose, white patchouli, and a vanillary/marshmallow type sugar. i want something floral but super sweet, sugary-sexy" I LOVE the way this one came out. Very sweet, based around Pink Carnations and Sweetheart Roses, a few drops of White Patchouli and 3 kinds of marshmallow.



Maiea's Year of the Snake

2 Bottles Available

Gorgeous herbal scent, light, fresh and invigorating, crafted on a bed of Bamboo and Birch Leaf, decorated with EO drops of Roman Chamomile, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Spearmint, and Vetiver.



Q&Q's Release the Hounds by Luna

0 Bottles Available, sorry, but there's about a dozen itty bitties that will be included in freebie packs.

Even though Luna hogged ALL of hers :lol: I will list the notes for the curious. I love the way this one came out. It's sexy ENGLISH boy smell at it's best. English Ivy and dry tobacco leaf, a few drops of well worn leather aroma over a sexy Arabian Musk. purrrrrrr....



Luna's FLOOFY!

0 Bottles Available, sorry, but there's about a dozen itty bitties that will be included in freebie packs.

All hogged! But for the curious...concept: fluffy gardenia, cute tropical...ingredients: a gorgeous gardenia over coconut cream, sugar cane and fluffy marshmallow, with a touch of smooth white amber in the base.



Lina's Summer Slurp

3 Bottles Available

Lina asked for: "Fresh honey, mango, cherry and honeysuckle - want a springy/summer scent that's sweet, dripping with ripe fruit and honeysuckle nectar. I want to smell good enough to eat on a hot day!" Mango and our most syrupy honeysuckle start the show, with a dash of light, bright spring honey, followed by drops of wild cherry on a based of smooth amber. This one will make your guy's mouth water and he'll want to lick you alllll over. SLURP!



Lady Victoria's Sweet Little Pussycat

6 Bottles Available

Victoria's concept is beachy, but I was thinking it's creamy enough for a kitty to lick! Plus, doesn't that pic look just like her?! Crafted of coconut cream, lots of frothy whipped cream accord, creamy ylang ylang, and a dash of white musk. Here's LadyV's hilarious description: "I am completely obsessed with coconut right now and I was thinking for my summer slut coco ho scent.. What do you think of COCONUT MILKY CREAMY,YLANG, SWEET MUSK ( like in french musk ) WHIPPED CREAM OR MARSHMALLOW? Like White Bikini Meets Sensual Harmony for BJS and Titty F*cking on the Beach.. Like She's a big beach tease that smells like a Goddess but she won't have sex on the beach because its overrated and she doesn't want sand in her snatch" :lol:



Halo's Cocoa Lily

12 Bottles Available

Lady V had this created to Halo's specs as her birthday prezzie. Don't we just have the coolest gals in the world here?! This scent shares some of the the ingredients in Halo's famed Angelique, but with a whole new twist. Lily of the Valley and Casablanca Lily combined with White Chocolate (aka Cocoa Butter) and Marshmallow fluff over a sheer base of white amber and white musk.



Ann's Brown Sugar Black Amber 2013

10 Bottles Available

The richest Indian Black Amber Resin paired with thick and syrupy Brown Sugar, and a hint of Black Vanilla. Deep, dark and heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WHOA!!! You have been busy, Mara!! Beautiful results!! These look gorgeous!

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*girly squeal*!! Can't wait, can't wait!! They all sound great... can't wait to get mine and read about everyone else's. Thank you so much. I can only guess how awesome these are all going to be. :cat690:

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OMG OMG OMG... I can't wait to hear more about Summer Slurp, Sweet Little Pussycat and the Brown Sugar Sweet Amber one... I can rarely do jasmine, I don't know what iris smells like, but I love the flower... and the butterfly one looks cool too.


The labels look fab! Lady V's is spot on! Halo's label reminds me of Angelique.. and the Brown Sugar one looks all Egyptian-y!


I know Luna's are probably amazing, but I'm trying not to covet, out of respect, lol

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More Brown Sugared Black Amber?!?!?!?!?! OMG! I have 2 bottles of the original that I ADORE! May have to try to get me a bottle of this version!

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Brown sugar amber, Cocoa Lilly and Sweet Little Pussycat ( what's in that??)

It all looks good.

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*eyes bug out* holy crap if nothing else, that chocolate one, but I think I'm going to want FLOOFY (makes me think of Lestat)


Luna's are for internet oggling only. I think she said they are for a special anniversary gift...?

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That's me on my PE label too! LOL. It's an old photo though.

I LOVE how Mara did the "S" in the "Snake" though. Perfect!

I thought so, how cool!

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We went out to dinner last weekend for BFs bday - and they were both wearing superman shirts. He said his daddy was Superman, he was Superbaby and everyone asked.. what is Momma? He said.. CATWOMAN!!! aWW HE IS SO CUTE! I was wearing a black chinese embroidered tight blouse and my hair was slicked back really tight into a high pony and well of course there was the red lipstick.. He is so cute he thought I looked like Catwoman!!! I love love love love love my LABEL!

Oh yeah love everyone else's too! lol.

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I'm SO wanting the Brown Sugar Black Amber... YES, almost solely for the *adorable* label! But, they do sound amazing... drooling over Creamy Iris and Halo's PE!

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Hey, PurpleHoney21! Welcome to the ranch!

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Mara told me my PE came out really nice. There will be more than a couple up for sale.


Ooh that's great...:-).

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Ylang coconut and cream


Oh holy hell. If you don't share this, LV, I shall forever haunt you when I die.

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