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Luna's FLOOFY!


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Since some of you will be getting sniffies of this I thought I'd start a thread. Right now I am slathered! :D



A gorgeous gardenia over coconut cream, sugar cane and fluffy marshmallow, with a touch of smooth white amber in the base.


I had the idea for this over a year ago; funny enough when I first brought it up to Mara she had either just brewed or was planning to brew Aloha Pumehana and said to try that first before deciding if I wanted to go ahead with my idea. Sadly the buttercream in that one doesn't like me, plus I was obsessed with the idea anyway. heh. It's based on another artisan fragrance from years ago which was a gourmand floral: primarily vanilla, jasmine and gardenia and it had sort of a fluffy feel to it. I love tropical scents and I wanted to do a "cute" tropical and so after thinking about it for a while I came up with the combo, the main thing was that I wanted a fluffy aura framing the tropical notes. Plus I knew it would work because Monoi de Tahiti is such a wonderful scent (which is gardenia/coconut). But I had to wait for my friend Jennifer to finish the artwork I wanted to use, and then Mara had to put PE brewing on hold, so this has been a long time coming.


Like with the label for BUNNY LUV, the artwork is Trevor, age probably 17-18, holding his bunny Floofy (courtesy of my imagination); it's sort of a visual pun because the first band he was in as a recording artist was named Rabbitt, but it's also based on a photo of him holding a puppy which is so adorable it should be against the law. I had her make the bunny as a cross between the Velveteen Rabbit and Mimzy. Someday I think it would be really cool to have an entire shelf of fragrances with labels featuring Trevor's face on them. :wub:


Onto the fragrance...in the bottle there's almost a fruity aura to this, with the gardenia and the sugarcane most obvious. Once on, it's fluffy love...mmmm...the coconut cream and marshmallow are like a layer of frosting upon which some gardenia blossoms have been placed. But none of it is too loud, I'm not engulfed in it in an overwhelming way, but up close it's very rich and decadent. I had asked for a lighter type of gardenia, not too fleshy, I didn't want it to crowd out the other notes. It actually makes me think of tanning oil but without the roasted husk-y note, But it's not quite cute, It's more like one of those insanely expensive niche fragrances you find in a boutique in an exclusive tropical paradise resort where everyone looks so elegant and poised all the time, and it's luxe and glamorous, and I feel like I should be wearing a flowered silk sarong with a gardenia in my hair and gliding along the gorgeous beach looking at all the gorgeous people.


This is my ultimate tropical vacation in a bottle, thank you Twin, you always know just what I want. :wub:

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WoW Luna, sounds FAB !!

hoping to get a "sniffee" as well, would LUV to experience it if even for a moment.

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