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Hi! :)


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Hi Everyone! I have been wandering in these forum as a guest for awhile to collect some information first. I found LP very fascinating!! and wanna join this community :)


I'm going to order soon, just wait for the SALE to begin. YAY!!! I planned to buy Popularity, Cuddle bunny, Le Femme Mystere and OCCO (cannot decide yet which scent between WHITE, PINK and BLUE)

However, after read some review, I want to add BANG! to my list! OMG a lot of orders!


I want some advice from you guys too. As I have been friend with this guy for 3 years, I want some pheros that can make him interested in me :( Any recommend apart from above?


And I live in Asia which has hot climate all day, all night and all year. So will oil base be the good choice? As I heard that oil can stick on skin longer that spray in hot climate. However, it needs intimacy to make pheros work. BUT!!!! I'm rarely stand or sit close to him if I have no work to discuss or etc. Spray or Oil?


Thanks for suggestion :Emoticons0804:

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Hi Lovely!

Welcome to LP!

In your case, seeing as your after a particular guy that doesn't get real close to you often,I'd go for sprays. Try the 60/40 split maybe, which is an oil and alcohol base mix.

I've never tried Gotcha, but you may wanna look into that one for your particular goal. I've heard great things!

Also, look into some of the love drawing scents, like LP Original and red, and if you can find some of the spell oils still, they work famously!

Out of your OCCO choices I like Pink, with White as a close second. Blue is nice too, its just quite "clean". I do love it, but I wear it more for "me" than for sexual purposes.

Good Luck! :)

And again, WELCOME!!!!


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Welcome! If you like foodie scents, white would be good. Blue is nice and clean. I think I really like it over the white actually. Haven't tried pink yet, but Mara does do nice pink scents, so i imagine it's good.


I like my sexier pheros in oil, but that does present a problem if you're rarely close to him. For your goal, though, my gut is telling me to agree with the others about Gotcha as opposed to Bang! (even though I love me some Bang!)

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Welcome :)


You have chosen some of my favs! These are really good first choices too.

...***and yea, go for the BANG it's wonderful.


My two bits on the OCCo choice, I'd go White. Pretty much everyone likes white. it's also the little "white" dress of the Occos meaning it goes with everything scent-layering wise so you just can't loose. Whatever you choose just remember to have fun!

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Hi lovlyprao!!! Welcome to the Family...and welcome also to the LP Addiction! *giggle* :w00t:

:BananaRow: :BananaRow: :BananaRow: :BananaRow:


You've got some good LPs chosen for your new order! The Ladies have already given good votes for the pheros...soooo, keep us posted on how things go with your friend! :)

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Hi and Welcome!


Hehehe...one more thing that no one's yet mentioned...when you're choosing what to use on your fella...be ready for reactions from people who are NOT him as well :D Pheros do not discriminate and you may get admirers you did not expect...not that THAT is a bad thing at all...just giving you a heads up ^_~


I like all the choices on your list! I like White AND Pink OCCO and have Blue and Gold on my order list...like you, I'm watching for that sale! :) The Pink is bright and sweet sugar to me and the White seems like a heavy, foodie, cake-y vanilla and layers with just about anything! Anything on your list will effect him positively I should think - which is an awesome selection you have there by the way! Popularity Potion and an OCCO would TOTALLY grab his - and everyone else's - attention!


As far and sprays and oils....my personal preferences are - social blends in 60/40 and just about anything intended for sexual attraction in oils.


So excited for you, sounds like you have some great winners on your list and I'm sure we'll all be watching for reviews of what you think and how they work for you :love592:

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Thank you for advice and welcome Liz and NuTrix


Huray Now the sale finally begin!

Very excited for many days.

Cannot wait for the shipping


It will take a long long time as I live in Asia


anw, Thank you :)

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Although the weather is hot and humid all year around, you mentioned that you rarely stand near him unless you have to work with him and assuming that your work area is indoors and in office building s with decent air-conditioning services, I'd go with 60/40 or even 100% alcohol.


What did you finally get at the sale? You're here at the right time. Enjoy your arsenal and remember to report back!

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