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Antibiotics and Pheromones

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I went to the doctors yesterday and found out I have a sinus infection.

I thought it was allergies.

Ca you wear pheromones while on antibiotics?

I have to take them for 7 days.

Monday I will be spending the whole day and night with my boyfriend,its his birthday.

I wanted to wear my BI at night,but now I dont know.

I wanted to also wear my OCCO and my Topper during the day.

I dont feel sick right now.

Copulins arent pheromones so wouldnt they be safe to use?

I want to have some fun at night!

Have to go see my mom now.Shes having her own issues.

Bye for now

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I have learned the hard way, it's best to skip them while sick. Anything that places additional stress to your neurotransmitters will overtax your system making an OD more possible. Better to avoid them right now in my opinion.

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