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Hello Ladies,


I need some advice. I am going to court to get my estranged husband to pay attorney's fees, and also to hear contempt charges for not paying support ontime among other things. It is a VERY contentious divorce, and we will be going to a custody trial and a seperate 12 juror trial for property division. He has vowed to take my children and destroy me. I need to know what phero blend would be my best bet for court. Do I go with Swimming with Sharks for the strength and respect, phero dominance or boy super for the alpha mones, or cuddle bunny for the est to make the desire to take care of me. In any case i don't want to do anything to put my lawyer off his game. I have all of the phero blends and perfumes except popularity potion, and I have many adrotics products. Any suggestions woulf be fab! Thanks




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No phero advice from me, just wishing you luck getting through it...


Ditto. Good luck. Remember that the agony of this time is just birthing pains for your new life, which is going to be fantastic.

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Well, first of all, I wish you luck. :)



If I were in your shoes, I think I would want to convey the strength and respect vibes. I have not tried Swimming with Sharks yet, but PG Dom is very good for that. It has been indispensible for me, as I have a few male clients who want to be a pain in the butt. When I wear Dominance, it puts them in their place. Plus, I smell really GOOD!

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Hmm, just my simple thoughts, garnered from personal experience and experience as a mediator and therapist....


Just a general observation and not necessarily meant to apply to your present situation as obviously I have little more than the briefest of glimpses into your situation: Far too often, money and kids are used as the last "weapons" in a divorce... neither of which should be used as weapons, but the use of children as "weapons" is particularly heinous.


I'm sorry you and your children are having to go through the strains of a divorce and I wish all of you wisdom, strength, and clarity in resolving the conflicts and I hope that each of receives the support you need (in whatever form that takes).


And, in a court setting, the sexual message of copulins (which are contained in both Pherogirl Dominance and Cuddle Bunny) might be less than appropriate.


When mediating disputes like this, I personally choose scents forwarding communication, clarity, and openmindedness. My choice of scent is a layering of Communication and Justice. If I were to add a pheroblend... it would definitely not be anything with overt sexualuality... I would, however, consider Swimming with Sharks but would rule out Drop Your Guard due to its higher percentage of alpha-nols and its intent for socializing.


Just my thoughts...

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