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Question ~ Need Help Locating Item(s) in "Perfumerie"?


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Hello Everyone...
I'm still very new member of the forum...just recently been welcomed by

everyone...and have a question.


I have been trying to read as much as the forums as possible, to learn

as much as I can, before selecting items for my first order (largely based

on all your help suggestions and feedback).


As I'm still getting used to navigating the forums and different topics, etc. ~

I am not sure if I am looking in the correct place, for some items?

For example, some very recent posts (within a day or so possibly) have

noted a member saying "I want to order "Bang"...or "Gotcha" with my

next order. So I went to the "Perfumerie" category, to view these, to

see, as it is popular, what they contained, and

if I wanted to add these to my order as well...

but noted on the page (no order box...but an "archive of sold out perfumes"

notation. (I then also went to the "Permanent List" of items..and could

not find the examples either.


My question is? Am I looking in the correct place to search for those

items, or is there somewhere else I should be looking?

Since I am new, I was just confused ... as some (recent posts) said there were

going to add an item to their next order ... but all I could find that

is was "archived". So am I correct in thinking if it does say "archived"

it is no longer available? Or is there another place (in addition to the

"Permanent List") that I should be looking to find these items (for purchase)?

Again...as I mentioned I'm new here...so thank you for your patience

with me ~ and all your help in advance! :)


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Hello Angelica,


I feel you. I wish there was a simple way for me to break navigation down to you, but the only way that I learned (and I was confused) was to do it over and over again. Then things started to make sense.


In short the perfumerie is the correct place to search for blends. When you click that link there will a a bunch of 'sorting' pull down bars at the top and on the left hand side underneath those is the search function. You would type in what you are looking for in that search box.


Now the thing is an unscented phero is always in stock pretty much. But if you are looking for a phero enhanced fragrance, those are limited and can be discontinued. Phero enhanced fragrances are things like 'Unbridled with Blatant Invitation' for example. Unbridled is the fragrance and Blatant Invitation is the phero.


That maybe be why you were directed to the archive page.


I hope this can help you a little bit.

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